Valentine’s Day through the eyes of children around the world

Love is a true friendship, love is natural, love is an expression of life, love is endless kindness, love is not limited with age, love brings harmony to the family – this is how junior youth from different parts of the globe and from the class of my elder son described their perception of love.



St. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air. My sons love this day! Probably because back in Moldova they have always had creative ways to celebrate it in their school. Already for one week they are busy making Valentine’s cards and small presents for their classmates. May be one of my boys is going to make his first declaration of love? Already for several days we are discussing the notion of love and I suddenly got curious to know if other children were that much excited about St. Valentines Day and what they thought about love in general.

Since my children go to the multinational school where kids from different parts of the world study Dutch, I’ve decided to go to the class of my elder son and to interview his classmates. I’ve asked 5 girls and 4 boys about the way St. Valentine’s Day was celebrated in their country and how they would describe the concept of love.

Harvey (12 years old, from England)

In England we love to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We give presents like chocolates or flowers to the ones we love. I personally like thisvalent feast, but I guess we should not wait for this day to show our care and our feelings. We can do it spontaneously.

Love is when you really really like someone.

Marina (13 years old, from Spain)

Spanish people celebrate St. Valentine’s Day with pleasure! Children back home make handmade Valentine’s cards and gift them to someone they like and to their teachers. If I receive a card from a boy, it means that he really likes me.

Love is when a boy likes a girl and it’s mutual. I also believe that true love is not limited with age.

Kardo (11 years old, from Lithuania)

In Lithuania we celebrate this day same way as in any other country. Of course boys are shy to give cards or gifts to their peers in school, so they mostly make Valentines for their mothers or sisters. But girls usually have more plans and high expectations from this day.

Love is an expression of life that makes your heart bit faster, to such an extent that you realize that you like someone more than just a friend.

Maria (11 years old, from Russia)

Frankly speaking I don’t like St.Valentine’s Day. It’s fake and insincere. There is too much fuss around it. You don’t need a special day to show someone that you care or to make a pleasant surprise for someone special.

Love is a very broad notion. You can love a boy or a girl, but you can also love your parents, your family, your friends or your country. Love means you care so much for a person that you can’t imagine your life without that person.

Dalil (12 years old, from Moldova)

On St.Valentine’s Day people, who already found their second half, have an extra reason to express their love. Some people wait for this day to declare their love for the first time, why not? In Moldova we celebrated Valentine’s Day each year at school. I remember once all the boys decided to come with paper hearts with a name of the girl they liked stuck to their jacket.

Love is a feeling which everyone should cherish in his heart. Thanks to love families live in peace and harmony. Love should be expressed not only through words, but also through our deeds!

Man Ling (12 years old, from Taiwan)

We don’t celebrate St. Valentine’s Day in Taiwan, but I know that in many other countries they do. If our people want to make a nice surprise to their loved ones, they give flowers or chocolates. In Taiwan it’s kind of  normal to receive gifts without any special occasion. But on some occasions, like Mother’s Day we have a tradition to make cards and write beautiful words to express love to our moms.

Love is very similar to friendship, just a little more intense.

Sabrina (12 years old, from Congo)

In Congo Valentine’s Day is very popular. Usually we celebrate it in the school and exchange Valentine’s cards. Cards I used to give to boys were always anonymous.

Love is a normal feeling between two people. All the people should meet one day the person they love, get married and bring up children together. It’s simple!

Dung (11 years old, from Vietnam)

I have only heard of St. Valentine’s Day as we don’t celebrate it in Vietnam. I know that people who love each other don’t need special day to show that.

Love is when people meet each other, fall in love and decide to be always together, do everything together and help one another.

Alejandra (12 years old, from Colombia)

We celebrate St. Valentine’s Day in Colombia and I like this tradition. On this day we prepare gifts for each other and try to be as kind and caring as possible. We usually gift cards, chocolates, candies, flowers.

Love is when you show endless kindness to the person you love.


“Love gives life to the lifeless. Love lights a flame in the heart that is cold. Love brings hope to the hopeless and gladdens the hearts of the sorrowful. In the world of existence there is indeed no greater power than the power of love” ? Abdu’l-Bah?


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  1. Jolande Wezer says:

    Real love means not to expect anything in return!

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    Happy Valentine’s day!

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