“Dutched Up! Rocking the clogs expat style”


“Dutched Up! Rocking the clogs expat style” is an elegant collection of recipes of how to make the best out of your expat experience.

When I came across the book I was very intrigued and looked forward to immersing myself into the world of expat women bloggers. The title puzzled me. I wondered, how it felt being dutched up as an expat? Can one really rock the clogs and feel comfortable at the same time!? As soon as I learnt about the review possibility, I was thrilled! I didn’t think twice. I wanted to read it as soon as possible!

However, it took me quite some time to read the book. I’ve decided not to swallow it, which I often do when I’m overwhelmed with the content, but to slowly chew and digest every story. As a fresh expat myself, who moved to the Netherlands six months ago, I am in search for my own unique style of rocking the dutch clogs.

Reading this anthology of experiences, challenges, lessons and life stories of extraordinary Dutched up women was probably the best thing I could do in order to realize what path to thread in my quest to be Dutched up myself. I frantically looked for the recipe in every story, every sentence, every word. And I guess I found it. All you need to rock the clogs elegantly is a tremendous amount of humor and self irony combined with blunt straightforwardness and unconditional honesty, flavored with Dutch rain, hagelslah (chocolate sprinkles) and Gouda cheese. And then, everything will probably be just “leuk” and “gezelig”!

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