An ode to my husband

Once upon a time there was a boy, who was very shy, modest and peaceful. He was quiet, thoughtful and friendly. By the twist of destiny he lived in one of the most dangerous cities in Italy – in Naples. He was often bullied, offended, several times robbed and even attacked by his peers. He didn’t like football while everyone around was a football fan. He didn’t want to be part of a gang, while everyone in his neighborhood was. He just wanted to be himself. And he managed, he succeeded. He survived in this harsh reality of his childhood, he didn’t break, he didn’ change, he remained himself. And he became a man whom I love, whom I cherish and whom I admire.


Three years ago I married a man who is my soulmate, who makes me feel complete! This ode is dedicated to my dear husband Marco, who has so many praiseworthy qualities, that words will never suffice to describe them. He has something I cherish most in people – He says what he thinks and he does what he says. He has integrity and a spiritual core.

Sometimes he tells me he is a boring husband, probably meaning that he doesn’t do crazy or unexpected things, he doesn’t surprise me. But what he defines as “boring” I call being loyal, trustworthy, reliable, devoted and faithful. I find in him peace and comfort in the stormy sea of life.

Marco is a much better person than me. He possesses virtues I always wanted to have! He is sincere and I can often read him as an open book, as he simply cannot hide his true feelings. He is very patient. He can spend hours explaining me how to use e-banking or showing kids how to assemble furniture.

He is very emotional and sensitive and he is not afraid to cry and show his sensibility. I believe the biggest strength of a man is not being afraid to show his weakness. It is so human! It’s so natural!

He is extremely kind and generous. He accepted my children as his own. And I will be forever thankful to him for that. The best proof of his fatherly attitude would be the words of my elder son who once told me: “Mama, when I grow up, I want to be like Marco!”

wedding pic

In the beginning of our relationship, when Marco came to Moldova for the first time, I thought to myself that if my family liked him, I would give us a chance. After the first day we spent altogether at the summer house my father came to me and said: “This is our guy. I like him!” Wow! My father never really liked guys I dated before. My mother was flirting with him all the day, saying random Italian words she knew and making me blush several times. But it was so uncommon for her! After Marco resisted the test of abundantly eating, drinking and even singing with my brother and still was able to stand firm on his feet, my brother told me: “This guy is cool! You should marry him!”

And I did. Exactly three years ago I said Yes to happiness and love, to sharing and caring, to giving and dedicating, to appreciating and thanking, to building our life together!


What Marco probably doesn’t know, is that just a month before we met I was on pilgrimage and I wholeheartedly prayed to God to help me find my second half, to help me recognize him in the multitude of people I meet daily, to give me spiritual vision and sensibility. Because in that period I was raising my children alone for six years, still healing my wounds after painful and unhappy marriage

I started loosing hope, but I found him. I did not immediately recognize in him my life partner but now I can’t imagine my life without him. He makes me happy! He makes me feel complete! My only hope is that I make him happy as well!!!

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