Let’s get acquainted

Let’s get acquainted

My name is Irina Musuc. I am a Moldovan living in Netherlands, married to an Italian, bringing up two talented boys and a beautiful baby girl, who brought a new wave of happiness to our family. I’m a journalist, editor, and I love writing. I guess this blog is a huge challenge for me as I have never been writing in English. So, please don’t judge me too harsh. We have recently moved to Netherlands and I’m very busy finding my own self.


About goodtobemom.com

Parenthood is the most rewarding and challenging occupation. I have always struggled to be a good mother. And all I could achieve was coming to a simple conclusion – I am actually not educating my children, but rather my children and I are involved in a process of spiritual growth, where we learn from each other, we succeed, we make mistakes and we change … together. This  blog is reflecting my personal insights, lessons, ideas and thoughts about motherhood. Hope it might be useful for other parents who are still struggling!

And yes! It’s good to be mom!